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New Sprinkler System Installations

We will custom design a sprinkler system for your home, business or athletic field to ensure the highest quality spray coverage. Our experienced irrigation crew uses this custom design plan to install your system from start to finish with top of the line irrigation products ensuring your system runs efficiently.

Existing Sprinkler System Upgrades

Are you adding a new pool, patio, walkway, or addition? We would be happy to evaluate your current system and your construction plans to propose a new irrigation layout that will fit your needs.  We can also add or replace rain sensors, sprinkler heads, controllers, repair valves and even add drip irrigation to your current system. Wish you had a spigot near your garden? We can add that too!

Routine Maintenance

Be sure to keep your system running smoothly by having Santos Irrigation perform the following maintenance services:


Spring Start-Up

We will start-up and evaluate your sprinkler system, adjust heads for the best coverage, make repairs as necessary, and program the controller.


Mid-Summer Service

We will evaluate your system and make the necessary adjustments for the current summer conditions.  Services include - sprinkler head replacement, valve repairs, adding or replacing a rain sensor, controller replacement, etc.



When fall arrives, you will need to make sure your system is winterized to prevent it from freezing and causing extensive damage to your system.  We will turn the water and controller off, drain the system, and blow out the lines with compressed air for a complete winterization. Have a great Winter and we will see you in the Spring!

Lawn Sprinkler System Repairs

Santos Irrigation is equipped to handle all of your irrigation needs. We only use top quality products from leading manufacturers in the industry.


Some of our repair services include:

• Sprinkler Head Replacement

• Rain Sensor Installs

• Valve repairs

• Controller replacement

• And more!

Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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